You say Tomayto, We say PASSATA!

Yesterday we spent the last Sunday of Summer immersed in TOMATOES. Juicy, delicious, ripe organics tomatoes from the folks at Mahbrook Organics.

Late February is the BEST time to eat and preserve tomatoes, as the Summer is fading and when most often growers have a glut of sweet fruit. The Italian tradition is Passata Day, where family come together to work preserving the tomatoes into sauce to get them through Winter.

While we can buy tomatoes all year round, preserving the summer tomatoes in their prime is certainly an awesome way to reduce food waste, make sauce from scratch and have fun at the same time.

We had the amazing ladies from Hidden Harvest on board to teach the process of making Passata, and we all got our hands dirty, drank wine, danced to Italian music and shared a traditional Italian lunch. Let’s do it again next Summer! Who’s in?

Mahbrook TomatoesIMG_2331 (2) IMG_2333 (2) IMG_2343 (2) IMG_2356 (2) IMG_2361 (2) IMG_2346 (2)