SPOTLIGHT on Cath Andrews from Lotus Health & Wellbeing

“In my other life I am a reckless, dare-devil surfie chick who loves to live life to the full!”

Lotus Health & Well Being are a fantastic wellness clinic and service in Crown St, Mall, Wollongong, and are the presenting sponsor of the Wild Rumpus MAKER’S MARKET / Sunday Nov 29 Wollongong Town Hall. The Wild Rumpus team have used Lotus services too and the beautiful, light filled clinic in such a handy location is truly wonderful.

We wanted to introduce you to Cath, owner and wellness practitioner of Lotus.

Here she is!

Hi, I am Cath Andrews, Holistic Health Practitioner, owner of Lotus, mum, surfer and advocate for natural medicine.

I support my community and my clients to make healthier choices to naturally enhance their health and vitality. I love to create music, I sing and play guitar and love to make up silly, fun songs with my daughter as well as write songs from my heart.

 My work hours are spent at the Lotus Wellbeing Centre surrounded by passionate people whose purpose is to enhance the lives of others. My time outside of work is spent supporting my family and friends and in having fun at the beach.

The best thing about my work is the look on my clients face of peace and clarity at the end of a session – that look is priceless. Helping someone to let go of emotional stress and trauma, find their strength and feel inspired to make positive changes is truly a gift and I’m so humbled to be part of this process for  my clients. I also love working as part of a team of health professionals at Lotus. I feel supported in my role as centre manager and also as a practitioner. I love my work!

My number one personal health rule is to eat real (unprocessed) food.  Drink plenty of water. Do something daily that you love. Be grateful.

I love working with my team at Lotus. For example, Dr Ashley Browne is the centre’s chiropractor and he’s helped me with problems and pain in my shoulders, back and knee. I really like the way Ashley works because he’s not a “click-clack-crack” chiro. Ashley adds a great deal to the team dynamic at the centre with his quick wit and generosity of spirit. He is truly an asset to the Lotus team.

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I’m really excited about some of the classes and treatments we have coming up. Our acupuncturist, Andrea, is teaching 2 classes that I’m very interested in: Esoteric Acupuncture & Koryo Hand Therapy. These classes really appeal to me as I’ve studied a lot of Chinese Medicine, but this is something new for me. So I can’t wait to learn more and then be able to apply it to my own life and to also help my clients.

Between the beach and the bush I choose the beach! You can’t surf in the bush.

 My perfect Sunday is a dawn surf, followed by a big breakfast, then another surf, time playing on the sand with my daughter, fish & salad for lunch, a sleep, more playing with my daughter and a romantic dinner & wine with my hubby to finish it off.


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