Meet our Intern! Kim Ebbeck…

We are so very lucky to have a team of awesome interns to help us run classes and keep things rolling. We thought it was high time to make some introductions, so… meet KIM EBBECK. Not only is Kim to be found at lots of our classes greeting you, setting up and being a cheery Wild Rumpus face, she is also an incredible jewellery designer and artist. We sat down and asked her to tell us a bit more…

Hi! I am Kim.

I MAKE jewellery. In all shapes and sizes; commission pieces; one of a kind; wedding bands and memorial jewellery. I’m passionate about helping people create something special that they cherish. My work often incorporates woven hair, and generally I’m making pieces for a very sentimental purpose.

WHAT GOT ME STARTED was studying at Enmore Design Centre. I discovered hair weaving in my final year. Following that I undertook a graduate residency at Sturt Craft Centre in Mittagong which really hlepd me find my feet in the creative industry.

Gold eternity band top

I SPEND MY DAYS waking up at the earliest of mornings, usually 6am to my energetic son. Thank goodness nap time comes at 8am for him, that’s when I get a little bit of studio time. It’s amazing what you can get done with just an hour of allocated ‘making/studio time’; I go all guns blazing when I get the chance in there, as I never know how long I’ll get before the next wake up call!

THE BEST THING ABOUT MY CREATIVE PRACTICE IS being able to meet and discover so many amazing people, being able to work my own hours in the studio and creating the exact jewellery piece people have been wanting for ages is a real highlight!

IN MY OTHER LIFE I AM a full-time Mum to my gorgeous baby boy Banks, who I can’t believe turns 1 in November

MY DREAM IS my reality! I woudln’t have life any other way. I think I’ve been dreaming about reaching these goals for so long, it’s sometimes nice to stop and realise that those dreams have come true

MY FAVOURITE PLACE IN WOLLONGONG IS Bulli Beach Cafe, just down the road from my house and always  great place to catch up with people and it is a beautiful place to sit and watch the ocean.

BETWEEN THE BEACH AND THE BUSH I CHOOSE Beach, although walking through the escarpment up to sublime point, you get the best of both worlds.

I INTERN FOR WILD RUMPUS BECAUSE I love helping out and meeting new people in the community, everyone is so excited to be learning a new skill at the class, and they all go away so bright-eyed and excited! It’s really energising.


Hairlooms Letter Pendant