Introducing… Tony Wong

Tony Wong is a maker, designer, creative and artisan who runs Huddle & Co, a design company focusing on innovative and sustainable design, with gorgeous and deftly made products such as lighting, furniture, and accessories.

Huddle and Co run out of a workshop in Wollongong, and are gaining a solid reputation in creating superb, quality products that are simply beautiful. Get to know Tony a bit more below, and check out their website HERE

Hi! I AM ….Tony Wong.

I MAKE… a range of homewares, lighting, jewellery and furniture.
WHAT GOT ME STARTED… was a real interest in design and using space efficiently in homes.
IN MY SPARE TIME… I love to surf, drink coffee and relax.
THE BEST THING ABOUT IT IS… I get to live so close to the beach.
MY DREAM….  is to one day have my own cafe/workshop.
MY FAVOURITE THINGS ABOUT WOLLONGONG… are the laid back culture and the fact that it’s so easy to meet people.
BETWEEN BEACH AND BUSH… I choose, beach. Every time.
YOU CAN FIND ME AND MY STUFF at and at every Finders Keepers Market. Also at the Wild Rumpus Maker’s Market!