Introducing.. Rachel Nokes from Ray of Light Yoga

Creative people have one thing in common: they are totally passionate about the thing they are good at and love. Rachel Nokes is one of those people!
We are very grateful to have the generous support of Ray of Light Yoga for the Makers’ Market Sun Nov 29 and wanted to chat with owner Rachel about her love of helping people, the rainforest and what the heck is yoga therapy?

*Rachel will run a free drop in Yoga Therapy session at The Little Lotus, Wild Rumpus Makers’ Market, Wollongong Town Hall/ Sunday Nov 29 at 1pm

HI, I AM.. Rachel!
I CREATE health plans for people using the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda.
I SPEND MY DAYS…. at my home studio in the rainforest talking to people about there health and teaching people simple ways to care for themselves, designing Yoga and lifestyle practices to heal injuries and disease.
THE BEST THING ABOUT MY WORK IS... when people make a small change like practicing the yoga practice I’ve written for them for 30 minutes a day it can have a huge impact and their health. Seeing these improvements makes my heart sing. Science is now proving what the yogi’s have known for thousands of years: by breathing properly, eating properly our bodies can heal themselves.
Yoga therapy is the application of the tools of yoga (postures, movement, breath, visualization) to bring about healing. Yoga Therapy unites powerful ancient wisdom with western biomedical knowledge to improve your health. It offers a potent prescription designed to address your specific issues to enhance optimal wellbeing.
Yoga therapy can work for everyone. Forget the fancy poses and lycra. In Yoga therapy the therapists meets the
student where they are at and the practice is designed for that individual. Physical injuries can be effectively treated through yoga therapy. It also compliments treatments for health conditions from endocrine imbalance, to high blood pressure, thyroid issues, anxiety and depression, and chronic health issues such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and pre and post-operative care. Essentially, Yoga Therapy can be used to address any health issue. As a Yoga Therapist,
I will assess the issues, pinpoint your needs, and design your yoga therapy program. You will recieve clear instructions for daily practice, lifestyle and dietary guidelines and ongoing support in a nurturing, safe environment. She can work with your medical doctor, naturopath or psychologist.
I found yoga extremely helpful in looking after myself and managing a challenging work environment. I had completed various Yoga teacher trainings. I was looking for something with more depth, like counseling. I wanted to work with people therapeutically. Yoga therapy has given me that with 4 years of additional study I am now able to work with people in a therapeutic way and of course the counseling experience is also really helpful. I’ve also had my own Yoga therapy practice for the last 4 years and have definitely felt the benefits.
Have you got any upcoming events (read retreat) you are excited about?
At Ray Of Light we have some fantastic events we hold seasonal day retreats, In October we are hosting a Yin Yoga workshop to the sounds of Crystal bowls, a Sunrise early morning intensive and basics course. Check out our website for all our offerings or sign up to our newsletter.
Each Janurary I take mixed group of people to Southern India where we tour around the South.These annual adventures are really about journeying to the source of yoga and the ancient teachings. During these adventures in India, Rachel shares the people she’s met along the way, as well as her teachers, and places that have touched her. Participants in these journeys make friends for life, encounter life-changing insights and are expanded beyond their comfort zone. All have experienced rich personal growth and a deepening of their knowledge of yoga.
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