From ugly fruit to abundant backyards


Wild Rumpus started as a way to give access to our whole community to the connections, knowledge, skills and craft of our very crafty, busy, passionate fellow community members. To have these connections is to have social capital – a term that is getting tossed around more frequently these days. HAVE WE LOST YOU? Sorry. Check out the link if you want more on that. But all jargon aside, to have social capital places us further ahead in being able to be a resilient, resourceful, active community member. It helps us feel connected to each other, able to solve each other’s problems, gives us purpose when we can put a stuck, time-poor friend with a broken washing machine in touch with a handy mate who loves to do a good deed. Feels good, right?

So when we finish a weekend with back to back classes and sigh, wine in hand about how lucky we are to live in this community, we are relishing in the social capital that has been created.

This weekend we had special guests Eat Me Chutneys, fresh from their gig at TedX Sydney to teach a bunch of passionate foodies about how to turn the ugly, bruised and wonky produce that no one wants to buy into seriously yum chutneys. I mean, that’s awesome right?

chutneys wild rumpus

Followed up BANG on Sunday with Narelle from A Garden for Life once again generously sharing her sweet permaculture skills and talking all about citrus – how to grow sweet, juicy stuff in your backyard. YES! At the sunny, funky, vibrant Coledale Markets

Winter is the time for harvesting all things citrus: from lemon to grapefruit, tangelo to orange, lime to mandarin. Citrus is however susceptible to a lot of pest and disease, but with some nifty and simple strategies in keeping soil healthy and feeding it the good stuff they can be abundant and thriving in our temperate climate.

The BEST THING about it? Knowing that there are 20 people now at home in their gardens, in their kitchens putting their new skills to use, telling their family about why pears with a bruise are not rubbish at ALL; why cumquats aren’t in fact a citrus fruit anyway (who knew!?).

Learn a skill, pass it on…

chutneys wild rumpuseat me chutneys

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