Apocalypso: The Trivia Night you’ve Never Been To

Part trivia night, part survival challenge, part craft and DIY party. 

Apocalypso imagines for a moment that the oil has run out. The interwebs are down. The shops are bare, and cars are gathering dust. How will we survive? What skills do you have up your sleeve?

Our first outing of this event saw a sold out packed hall of people embracing the tropical CALYPSO theme, ready for action. With flag making, dressing your leader, knowing your knots, nailing trivia about food security, edible weeds and timelines for peak oil, teams worked together to come out on top.

The all-rounders “The Thirsty Lemons” took out the Pineapple Trophy at the end of the night.

All materials for the event were either found, foraged or scrounged from op-shops.

“I’m not sure I’ve ever had a more enjoyable time talking about the impending doom of the planet!” – Jason

Want Apocalypso to happen at your conference, workplace or social club? Email us on play@wildrumpus.com.au

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