About Wild Rumpus

A non-profit social enterprise that aims to build a resourceful, sustainable and creative community.

Wild Rumpus is a
social enterprise building a resourceful, sustainable & creative community.

Wild Rumpus is a non-profit incorporated organisation. We currently receive support funding from the Department of Social Services Strengthening Community Capacity grants, and Arts NSW.

Wild Rumpus was founded in 2013 by Caitlin Marshall and Lizzie Rose.

To date, over 5000 people have learnt new skills in local skillshare classes. Over 400 community members and business owners have taught classes on anything to do with creativity, sustainability and DIY.

Over 600 creative makers, artisans and artists have had the opportunity to exhibit and sell their work at Makers’ Markets. 70% of creatives, makers, teachers and business owners we work with are women.   In 2016, Caitlin and Lizzie were named on the list of “15 Women Making Ideas Happen in Australia” by Women’s Agenda.

How It Started The value of knowing people in your street, your neighbourhood, your community that can DO things, useful things like making food, fixing stuff, sharing produce and passing on skills is beyond measure. In a time when the pervasive allure of relentless advertising and enticement to BUY MORE STUFF combines with a culture of passive defeat in the face of things not being made to last, we need to give energy to building a resourceful, creative and sustainable community. We already have everything we need. Wild Rumpus began in 2013 as a vision to build the foundation on which the passing on of skills, the sharing of knowledge, and the celebration of local talent is possible. If we imagine the reality that everyone has something to share, to teach, to pass on, then we have endless value and capacity to fix our own problems, right on our doorstep. Our hope was to connect people with places and teachers with learners and bring together all the amazing resources, artists, makers and bubble up the untapped essence of the Illawarra…to design a business that had an impact, that made a difference and reminded us just how important it is to PLAY. We have never been short of curious learners and passionate teachers to keep Wild Rumpus alive. Wild Rumpus is for everyone. Turn off your phone, come and play.

Wild Rumpus exists to inspire adults to play. Play releases stress, helps us relax, improves creative thinking and problem solving skills, and makes us FEEL GOOD! We make opportunities for the community to play and learn new things. And we make opportunities for creative people to flourish and for their skills to be valued. — Wild Rumpus wild-rumpus-jamboree-2016-00756

The People

Wild Rumpus. Play, learn, teach, share, create, wake up and ENGAGE!

Caitlin Marshall has over 15 years experience working in community development and adult education. Her work has incorporated the concept of play as a tool for personal growth, community building and social action since forever, and she is passionate about communities pooling their resources to solve their own problems. Her ways of playing include piano, singing, baking and screenprinting.

Lizzie Rose has worked with community for over 15 years as a sustainability educator, adult learning facilitator and community development practitioner for government, community groups, and schools. A food, garden, and craft enthusiast, her passion for building sustainable communities has defined her work and life. She loves photography, gardening and printmaking.