About Wild Rumpus

A non-profit social enterprise that aims to build a resourceful, sustainable and creative community.

Wild Rumpus is a
social enterprise building a resourceful, sustainable & creative community.

Wild Rumpus is a not-for-profit social enterprise that uses PLAY as a tool to unlock skills and build mentally healthy communities and workplaces.

We believe that everyone has something to learn, and something to share and pass on to others. Whether it’s how to cook a meal on a budget, to build a backyard oven, or paint with watercolour, make jam or keep chooks. These are all skills that help make our communities more resourceful and sustainable, and also ways to spend time that invite focus, inspiration, creativity and an unplug from relentless busy-ness of modern life.

Founders Caitlin Marshall and Lizzie Rose have created a model that is for everyone. Where through fun skillshare classes, unique playful events, workplace experiences and boutique retreats, people from all walks of life are warmly invited to reconnect with the power of play, for learning, for building community, or just, for fun.

In 2016, Caitlin and Lizzie were named on the list of “15 Women Making Ideas Happen in Australia” by Women’s Agenda. Their combined background in community development, cultural programming and sustainability education, along with recognising a need to invest in clever, creative, skilled people in regional communities, formed the idea of Wild Rumpus

In four years, the enterprise has supported over 500 community members to share and teach their skills to others. Over 5000 community members have learnt new skills.

Wild Rumpus has helped 15 locals learn Burmese Cooking from refugees, taught 800 software developers how to emboss leather, built and grown a thriving Makers community in regional Illawarra, facilitated over 100 people to learn how to keep backyard bees, make sourdough bread and go fishing.

Sound good? Come and play!


Wild Rumpus exists to inspire adults to play. Play releases stress, helps us relax, improves creative thinking and problem solving skills, and makes us FEEL GOOD! We make opportunities for the community to play and learn new things. And we make opportunities for creative people to flourish and for their skills to be valued. — Wild Rumpus wild-rumpus-jamboree-2016-00756

The People

Wild Rumpus. Play, learn, teach, share, create, wake up and ENGAGE!

Caitlin Marshall has over 15 years experience working in community development and adult education. Her work has incorporated the concept of play as a tool for personal growth, community building and social action since forever, and she is passionate about communities pooling their resources to solve their own problems. Her ways of playing include piano, singing, baking and screenprinting.

Lizzie Rose has worked with community for over 15 years as a sustainability educator, adult learning facilitator and community development practitioner for government, community groups, and schools. A food, garden, and craft enthusiast, her passion for building sustainable communities has defined her work and life. She loves photography, gardening and printmaking.